And here we can finally  see the mysterious Loch Nessa monster, enjoying its morning tea, of the Scottish Breakfast variety. Scientists are intrigued by this creature’s fascination with leaf-based beverages, and after observing its unusually creative behavior, have decided to classify it as Creatrix scriptor canadensis. It is also known as inkingideas

We can confirm that this is how Nessa Aref, showrunner of Kalamatea inkingideas looks in her natural habitat.

So I did a thing in math class… I just want to thank the AoJE team for being amazing and changing my life.

Woops. Sorry.


@kalamatea writers’ meeting dinner #Nomnomnom


Nope! But boobiesmcfeels does write scripts with food in mind so you never know…

@kalamatea weekly writing meeting #gettingcuddly

@kalamatea writers’ meeting dinner #Nomnomnom


Hey hello there kalama-tea, sorry to bother you but… 

Can we have a teaser or something soon pretty pretty please?


Well with a face like that we can’t possibly refuse.

We can’t tell you much just yet but here’s a screen cap from this evening writing meeting:

Go ahead and take a stab at what that’s about ;)



I’ve just got to my dad’s and the AOJE perks are here!

The initial script for Kidnapped is fab. Do I remember something about Adele going to the aquarium at some point? Or have I imagined that?

And Adele’s artwork is gorgeous - and suitable for my office at work!

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the perks!

And yes! Adele did have an overnight sleepover with her school at the aquarium around Episode 51 - Storm


Indiegogo perks! The mug (I should really take more photos of the mug, actually, closer up so you can see the photos and the text) has pictures of the characters (yes, Susana is wearing the tiara) and quotes from the series. 
Meanwhile, the tea is amazing! I don’t drink black tea very often, but this morning seemed like a good time to try this one. It’s black tea with orange zest and lots of cinnamon in it! So it smells and tastes delicious! I had it with a little sugar and some milk. 
How did they know to send me a cinnamony tea?! (Well, it is faintly possible that they read my blog…?) 
And of course I had to take the picture with my happy tie-dyed sock for old times’ sake.

Awww. We really miss #aojtea days.
So glad you’re enjoying the tea :)
Which by the way is from the wonderful Granville Island Tea Company - the same part of the shopping district where Rochester and Jane had their date in episode 43.
AoJE indiegogo perks!


So, no one seemed to object to the idea of me posting pictures of the perks I got from the AoJE indiegogo, so I’m going to post them but I’ll put them below a cut so you can not click through if you don’t want to be spoiled. Apologies in advance for things not being properly rotated. 

I’d love to see anyone else’s too! I think we might all have gotten different photos, so it would be cool to see them! 

Update: apparently you can’t click to enlarge images in text posts, so here’s the script as a photo post instead.

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After all your contributions and support we’re so so happy to see you all enjoying the Indiegogo Perks :) 



My Autobiography of Jane Eyre Indiegogo perks arrived today!
"May your socks always be exciting & your teacup never be empty"

So very happy to see you guys enjoying your perks :)

Thank You Again for your contributions to AoJE!
And a big round of applause for our Producer Erika Babins (shmerikataylor) who is busy working away to get them to you!